(21.03.2017) Выполнена перевозка пациента после операции на сердце, а именно после аортокоронарного шунтирования в Hемецком Kардиологическом Центре города Mюнхена.


“Sanitary Aviation” has taken part in annual professional conference and exhibition “Forum of Business Aviation”, which was in Moscow April, 11th, 2008 in hotel “Renaissance”.


Call reanimation brigade “first aid”

The park of our cars consist Ford, Volkswagen and Mercedes reanimobiles includes the specialized brigades equipped by the modern import equipment for rendering medical aid during transportation of the patient.

Brigade of cardiology reanimation:

In case of need rendering qualified cardiological help, the brigade of cardiology reanimation come that brigade renders the specialized help on the patient location or provide patient transportation.

Brigade of traumatologic reanimation, the general reanimation:

Brigades have all necessary equipment for rendering assistance for patients who are in hard condition with a various pathology. The basic applicability of brigades - transportation of patients in Moscow, and also from regions. The medical staff of a brigade (including doctors, medical assistants and drivers) have huge experience of long patients transportations, operational experience in conditions of extreme situations and mass accidents. Departure of brigades is 24/7, without dependence from a road situation and weather conditions.

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