(21.03.2017) Выполнена перевозка пациента после операции на сердце, а именно после аортокоронарного шунтирования в Hемецком Kардиологическом Центре города Mюнхена.


“Sanitary Aviation” has taken part in annual professional conference and exhibition “Forum of Business Aviation”, which was in Moscow April, 11th, 2008 in hotel “Renaissance”.


Hospitalization of a sick in the specialized clinik

Hospitalization of patients is possible in the federal centers, commercial and city hospitals. Our doctors provide hospitalization in profile branches of various medical establishments, in view of haw hard disease and an accompanying pathology.

In case of need, we are ready to render complex support in a choice and search of a hospital in other countries for treatment of the patient abroad, also in view of a corresponding pathology and haw hard a condition of the patient. We cooperate with the best clinics in Russia, Germany, France, Israel, Switzerland, Italy and many other countries.


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