(21.03.2017) Выполнена перевозка пациента после операции на сердце, а именно после аортокоронарного шунтирования в Hемецком Kардиологическом Центре города Mюнхена.


“Sanitary Aviation” has taken part in annual professional conference and exhibition “Forum of Business Aviation”, which was in Moscow April, 11th, 2008 in hotel “Renaissance”.


In case of disabilities to move

Sometimes, there are situations when transportation of the patient from a hospital into another hospital is not possible in view of patient’s disabilities to move (that is when the risk of transportation higher than risk of treatment on a place) or the patient can be transported only after stabilization of a condition.

In this case doctors-experts who come with a brigade or separately, advise the patient and prepare for transportation. In case of patient’s disabilities of move , supervise it together with doctors of a hospital till the readness moment of the patient to transportation in the specialized hospital.

Usually, the decision about transportation of the patient is accepted jointly, the doctor-expert, the doctor of the hospital and the doctor of a mobile brigade, however, the responsibility for the patient during transportation is born only by the doctor who is providing this transportation.

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